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Hydraulic Marine Systems, Inc

Truck-able Push Boat Package!


Hydraulic Marine Systems has teamed up with M.D. Moody Fabrication, in Jacksonville, Florida, to produce a Truckable push boat package. This complete package set up is on a 12x25x4' platform, built with 4 water tight compartments(each with their own access hatches), 8' push knees mounted at the front, dual winches and a 225HP Twin Drive Thruster producing 5,000 lbs. of Thrust! These push boat platforms are powerful, very durable and extremely versatile, with tight manuevering and shallow water capabilities!

 The M.D. Moody Truckable Push Boat packages are available for Sale or Lease with the first units ready for delivery in January, 2009.

 Priced in the $650/HP range, these Turn-key packages are very affordable and represent a tremendous value when compared to the alternative!


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